ItWorks Keto is the next big thing!

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With the ketogenic diet increasingly becoming popular, supplements supporting it have also become more widely available. One of these new keto products is itworks keto coffee. But what is itworks keto coffee supplement? Itworks keto coffee refers to an instant coffee drink meant for those who are following keto diet. It has ingredients that are supposed to help users to induce a state of ketosis and increase their fat intake. Although it’s not the only product in the market, it’s unique and provides a solution that many dieters are looking for.

Kow itworks keto diet works

The ingredients behind this product are able to support and facilitate a state of ketosis. Although it functions within the keto diet guideline, it cannot stimulate or induce ketosis on its own. While users may experience an increase in energy, this may not be more than what you get from energy drink or coffee. In addition, coffee is not the best source of energy.

Key benefits of itworks keto coffee

It contains hydrolyzed collagen peptides- Itworks keto diet contains hydrolyzed collagen which can greatly boost the production of collagen and improve the wrinkle depth and the elasticity of the skin. This may be beneficial to the health of the bone.

It has coffee ponder – This is the main ingredient found in it. Instead of brewing, you can instantly mix coffee powder with a cold or hot drink. Since coffee is not a carbohydrate, it is safe for ketogenic dieters. This drink may also prevent cirrhosis, heart failure and other types of cancer. When it comes to losing weight, coffee may boost metabolic rate and enhance the oxidation of fat. This is one of the best benefits that any dieter can take advantage of.

It contains grass-fed butter powder- Butter is a source of fat and protein which are the two main macronutrients in the ketogenic diet. Instead of avoiding butter, ketogenic tend to use butter hence is usually included in itworks keto diet formula.

Side effects

Just like other products, itworks keto diet also has some side effects such as increased heart rate, gas, anxiety, nervousness, diarrhea, anxiety, jitters, insomnia, vomiting, and nausea. Most of these side effects are due to the amount of caffeine in them. Whether it’s regular coffee or keto coffee, drinking too much coffee is likely to lead to these side effects. More so, each cup itworks keto diet contains more caffeine than a normal cup of coffee. In order to adjust to the caffeine content in the product, dieters should augment their intake.

Who the product is suitable for

This product is meant for individuals who don’t have the time needed to prepare a cup of bullet proof coffee and those who are always working or travelling to places where it’s hard to make it.


The main function of itworks is to provide ingredients and source of macronutrients that can be used to sustain ketosis. However, this cannot be achieved because of high caffeine content and lack of enough clinical research. As a dieter who wants to lose weight you just need to focus on one method that’s backed with enough clinical research.