Learn More About Ketosis

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The term ketosis is referring to a natural metabolic process that can take place in the body in which the body begins to burn fat for energy rather than carbohydrates, where we normally gain our energy from. The process only takes place when we lower the amount of carbohydrates we consume, which is what forces the body to use fats as an alternate source of energy. Ketosis

For these reasons, ketosis normally happens when people are following ketogenic diets (low carb and high fat consumption) or if a person is suffering from diabetes, which affects their insulin levels.

During the process of ketosis, the body also produces ketones, which are acids that get released into the blood stream that are released through urine.

What Is Ketosis?

When our bodies require energy for normal functioning, it will break down glucose to help achieve this. Glucose is gained typically through starchy foods such as carbohydrates and other sugars too. These glucoses get broken down into sugars that help fuel the body and can also be stored in the body.

Should a body not have ample supplies of glucose, it will take its energy from a different source –burning fat. Our bodies store fats too, and as we can break down fats from foods we have eaten as well as our own fat stores, it can lead to the reduction of fat in the body.

about keto At the same time, our bodies will also release the by-product ketone. Minor levels of ketones in the blood help to indicate that a body is currently in the metabolic process of breaking down fats for energy in contrast to carbohydrates.  Access here if you would like to more in depth on what is ketosis.

Ketosis is the name given to this metabolic process.

Ketosis and the Ketogenic Diet

As the process happens naturally in the body, we can alter our diets to help encourage this. The reason people would aim for ketosis is that as fats are broken down, it can lead to fat stores being reduced, resulting in weight loss.

Special dietary requirements are needed for this, involving eating more fats and reducing your consumption of carbs, whilst eating a moderate amount of protein. These ketosis inducing diets are referred to as ketogenic diets.

Short-term weight loss can be gained when following a ketogenic diet and allowing ketosis to occur in the body as it not only burns away fat stores, but it can help to lower overall appetite too.