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How to take care of your skin during pregnancy

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Fresh and beautiful skin is what most women expect during pregnancy, but not all women achieve it. Due to the hormonal changes, different reactions expect during pregnancy. During the first trimester, some women show changes in their skin and some start to experience acne.In this article we will be going to talk about rushes and dryness while looking at some of the tips on how to take care of the skin during pregnancy.

Rashes and dry skin during pregnancy

Many women tend to develop rashes on their skin during pregnancy. Even women who have never had eczema fall victim to dryness. More often In more severe cases, women need something out of the box and, other than the normal dry skin products. Some women prefer to consult a dermatologist if they have dry and itchy hands. In fact, a doctor may be the best person to tell you about the relationship of dry skin with pregnancy. If the woman has already experienced the problems associated with eczema, it is more than likely that the nine months of pregnancy would have an effect on the smoothness of the skin.

It is not certain that the dryness care tips and methods would not allow the skin to dry during the second pregnancy. The medications are only for a period of nine months and do not guarantee the beneficial effects for subsequent pregnancies. During pregnancy, the body needs more water and other fluids. If the required amount is not reached, the skin must pay for it. The drying of the skin can be combated by drinking more water. The baby needs food and also your skin. Take baths with lukewarm water and avoid long baths with cold water.

It is important to pay attention while you are pregnant here are some of the tips that you take during pregnancy of your skin

1. Exchange for moisturizing body washes.

During pregnancy, the skin needs special care next to, just like skin. Because of your increasing mass, your skin itches and dries because stretching can cause the trauma and stress.

To reduce its suppleness, you can choose a natural oil soap that can peel off your skin. In addition, to prevent dryness and itching, switching to moisturizing body washings can restore the moisturizer to your skin.

2. Change your skin products

In terms of changing the hormone level of pregnancy, your skin has different needs. You may need to adjust since hormones can change your skin condition to drier or oilier, so you should change the products that you use.

As the research said, some skin care products are not suitable for pregnant women as they may contain harmful ingredients for pregnant women. You can research for safe skin products for pregnant women or consult your dermatologist and doctor.

3. Treat your stomach

During pregnancy, your abdomen is an experience stretching. This situation can lead to unsightly stretch marks long after birth. Moisturizer cream or gel for pregnancy can be regular massage can help you to prevent stretch marks

4. Avoid direct sunlight exposure

During pregnancy, your skin is more sensitive than what it usually does. It means that it is easier to be harmed when exposed to the sun and also irritated. As part of your daily skin care, you can start applying sunscreen to prevent dryness, discoloration, and irritation.

5. Manipulate with makeup

Make-up should be applied in less during pregnancy. Using a loose powder, concealer and multipurpose colored stain, use it to polish your face. But always remember to choose hypoallergenic, moisturizing and non-comedogenic cosmetics as the skin becomes irritated and sensitive during pregnancy.

6. Do not forget to pay attention to you.

During pregnancy, what enlarges is not just your stomach, but also the breast does. Which can lead to dryness and itching, the skin of the breast and also your nipples will be especially sensitive.


To reduce the skin rashes during pregnancy, apply some creams on your nipple and chest skin. To reduce itching, you can wear cotton maternity bras. To achieve better skin, follow these tips during pregnancy. In conclusion, just keep in mind that regular exercise when combines with balanced diet act as the most basic things you can do for a better skin and certainly for a good pregnancy. With the above tips, your skin will stay beautiful and fresh during pregnancy