2019 almost crushed me…

2019 almost crushed me…

2019 almost crushed me…

2019 was crazy rough for me. Everything I knew to be true for me was challenged. I know that breakdowns and set backs always lead to breakthroughs but when you are going through them they can feel so dang heavy.

Massive changes in my biz
Major unexpected Financial set backs
Disappointment in people I trusted.
Skin cancer scares from tanning 30 years ago (many of you know I had the Mohs surgery)
Back pain that wouldn’t stop and
Ultimately a laser endoscopic Back surgery 2 weeks ago (which was a huge success!)

My coping mechanism has always been WORKOUTS and those were not possible for me at the level and frequency I wanted with what I was being tested with my back.

What kept me dialed in? What kept me looking lean and toned? What kept my pain manageable? What kept my energy and focus great?


How did I stay looking like I was in fighting shape? How did I heal so quick from MOHS and back surgery? What landed me on the cover of STRONG Fitness Magazine? Why do I still have abs? Why did I not fall back into depression, bloat, cravings and have my body gain a lot?


Y’all, I’m a fat loss expert. I am a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist by trade, and I GET nutrition. I have helped hundreds of thousands of people with this over the years. I explain it and teach it in a way that makes it SIMPLE, EASY, and FUN.

What I teach with NUTRITION gets you RESULTS. Radical lasting RESULTS.

This is why I decided that January’s Back to BASIX slim down is allllll about NUTRITION.

WANT IN? Registration is open all of December but today is the last chance to grab some of the final discounted spots for the challenge stating in November.

No matter what you are struggling with right now:

Set backs
Lack of support
Lack of belief in yourself
Lack of motivation
Weight gain
Energy drops

This will work for you. This will be the last challenge you ever need.


Join me in January. Taking you Back to BASIX CHALLENGE HERE!


Natelie Jill


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