If I had better Genetics, More Money and More Resources…

If I had better Genetics, More Money and More Resources…


This is Jim Walter and this is not a “new” transformation it was from a few years back.

Jim is one of my favorite clients transformations ever. And guess what? He never paid a penny to me. He did this by researching and starting with stuff I put out for FREE and deciding to do the work. He DECIDED.

He was Judged when overweight (lazy, bad genetics, all the things)

And he is Judged in sick shape! (Steroids, genetics, photo shop, all the things)

And he doesn’t care about others opinions. Because he knows what I know and what all success stories know! Judgement is a reflection of the person JUDGING. Not the person being judged. The judger is hurting and wants to blame. There is a better way. You can learn from the person you are judging.

If it makes you feel better to blame genetics, lack of money, resources, other people- keep at it. But please know that it won’t ever change your body or help you age in reverse.

Want to change?

Stop blaming and Stop judging
DECIDE it is time to do this

DECIDE you are ready to look for SOLUTIONS

DECIDE 2020 is your YEAR

I am ready to help you! Join me in the January Back to BASIX challenge HERE


Natalie Jill


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